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December 02 2008

In wake of the recent Pownce fiasco, does anyone have any idea what the Blog post meant? I mean, could they just not leave it up?
HAHAHAH, anyone that has seen Twilight will know how effing hard I am laughing at the first scene we meet Cedric, LOL

December 01 2008

This is a definate odd case, I wake up in the morning to... no updated Podcasts, wtf? That has never happened!
I am very much hoping I can get my Mac and new BlackBerry to sync properly!

November 29 2008

is heading off to Christmas party at the pub, I pray I even make it
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Holy shit Neal Stephenson, you write big books
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November 28 2008

I am just heading out after writing a lengthy draft for a blog about the gullibilty of, and heinous influence 14ers have on EVERYTHING
I have noticed such a literary superiority in any writing about the Twilight books than the book in itself, I admit myself guilty
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!artfuldodga says: really sweet background =]
and !alittler says: hey !leahbasskitten
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With WB owning Netscape, does that make them own Mozilla, and thus Firefox and possibly its spin offs?
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a 5th graders plan to take over the world
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good song, good song
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This is a conversation in a forum with a friend of mine I had this morning;

Me: 2+2=chair

BpWally: What is the meaning of this meme and whats it's origin?

I heard of it the other day in a Podcast where people were just asking that question

BpWally: Was it an IGN podcast?!
Cause I heard that too!

and it was!
With Etco showing as Shareware and as WLW not working on Mac, I have given Flock another try. It feels great and Live Bookmarks work again!
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YouTube - Hot Chick Pranked
HAHAHAAHAHA, there were a few Twilight presentations at various Hot Topics - LOL

November 27 2008

anyone tried Left 4 Dead yet?
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